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What’s for dinner? – June 12, 2011

Last night, I whipped up a pasta dish – basically a vegetable-filled, red sauce.  Sauteed onions, zucchini, yellow squash and garlic, let that cook down a bit, then added a couple of jars of sauce (semi-homemade!).  Added a bit of extra seasoning and let if simmer for a while to marry the flavors and soften the veggies.  I then added cooked linguini to the sauce, finished the dish in the pan and served it up with finely shredded parmesan and garlic bread.  It was really good.

Tonight gonna’ be making fish tacos.  I’m going to experiment a little with the fish – in the freezer I have some tilapia, salmon and scallops.  Some fish taco recipes call for broiling/grilling the fish and others for battering and frying – the deep-frying I think is a little more San Diego-type authentic, but not sure.  The recipe I’m using calls for a beer batter and frying in hot fat, so I’ll cut the seafood into as similar-shape pieces as possible so they’ll sort of look the same after being fried.  With the cabbage and crema/sauce, I’m sure it will all be delicious.

Little Miss (Vegetarian Daughter) is going out of town for ten days tomorrrow, so the household will be enjoying a bit more chicken and red meat for the next week or so.  No problem with the vegetarian stuff and it certainly is to our benefit to eat less red meat and more fish, but I do miss my chicken – I’m a big fan of chicken.  So after driving Little Miss to BWI, gonna’ come back and make a chicken dish (or maybe steak?).

Okay, off to the pool now – chow!

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