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What’s for dinner? – July 29, 2011

The question right now (at 8:45p.m.) is not “What’s for dinner”, but “How was dinner tonight?”  Simple answer – delicious!  Friday and Beautiful Wife not working today – also had Big Girl + BF, Little Miss and Only Son.  I decided to go healthy (sort of) and make a Creamy Pasta Primavera with lots of good veggies and a creamy sauce (with heavy cream – that’s the “sort of” qualifier).  I love long pasta and especially like linguine, so I made the primavera sauce and finished in my giant pan with cooked linguine and lots of fresh parm cheese.  It was a successful meal, that’s for sure.  And not only did I make the main course, but made dessert as well.  Ice cream!  We all scream for it!  Little Miss asked if I could make Nutella ice cream.  We had a jar of Nutella in the cabinet, so I figured it would take about three seconds to find a Nutella ice cream recipe online.  The recipe I found is for a real “custard”-style ice cream with egg yolks, whole milk and heavy cream.  I figured we needed some heavy cream and the richness of egg yolks to counter-balance all those healthy vegetables.  This ice cream is really, really delicious.  My little second-hand, manual ice cream maker has already earned its keep.  Try the Pasta Primavera, and if you can make ice cream, make the Nutella kind.  Yummy both!

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