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What’s for dinner? – Feb. 28, 2011

I’m a Dad that likes to cook and does most of the cooking in my house.  My wife is a hard-working nurse and I love being able to serve her a delicious meal when she gets home.  I also have three children, two of which are away at college – two daughters at school and one son at home.  Son is a tenth-grader, 16 years old, so you know he can put the food away.  One of my daughters has relatively recently decided she is a vegetarian – but she’s away now so don’t have to noodle that too much now.  More about the family in the future …

Today is Monday, February 28 and I am sitting on the couch in the living room looking out at a dreary, rainy day.  Gotta’ figure out dinner tonight, but the rain always makes it harder to get motivated to do anything.  Could go out to dinner, but son has lacrosse practice and will be tired and ravenous when he gets home.  So what to do?  Have 2 pounds of frozen shrimp in freezer out in the garage and usually keep a pretty well-stocked pantry.  Oh yeah, have leftover Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya from last night – actually way too much leftover jambalaya.  Why did I think it was a good idea to make a recipe that serves ten when I’m just feeding three (though son eats like two people, that’s for sure)?

I think with the rain and recently-opened Red Robin restaurant nearby, it could be dinner out.  What do you think?  Maybe tomorrow I’ll ask for ideas for the shrimp, or whatever else is out there in the freezer.  Good eating!

Update:  It’s 7:47p.m. and still haven’t heard from the son, post-lacrosse practice.  Decided to get deli sliced ham, various cheeses, rye bread and tomato soup for grilled ham/cheese sammies with ‘mater soup.  I’m thinking of adding a fried egg to my sandwich, with the cheese and ham (okay, now I’m gettting hungry – still have to pick the kid up, though).

Tell  me what else I could have done!!!

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  1. Cooking Guy says:

    Go out to dinner or just throw the shrimp in a pot with some Old Bay, spread out some newspapers, melt some butter, and get some beer!

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