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Roasting Vegetables – Brussel Sprouts and Potatoes

Courtesy of Deirdre Reid and her blog “Grabbing the Gusto” The other day my boyfriend said he had a culinary challenge for me. I was imagining some large hunk of meat awaiting my mishandling – big pieces of meat are not my strong suit. I was relieved to see a large container of Brussels sprouts. He doesn’t like Brussels sprouts but said he was willing to give them another try. roasted Brussels sprouts – flickr/KitAy  Unlike many, I’ve always loved Brussels sprouts. Roasting has become my favorite way to prepare them. I also like sautéing shredded Brussels sprouts (with pancetta and garlic) if I’m in a chopping mood. But the ease of roasting them has won me over. It’s real simple. Slice off a bit of each end where the hard bit of the … Read entire article »

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