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Food, foodies and “kid-friendly” recipes

I am just a plain, happily-married husband and father of three that likes to cook and does most of the cooking in my house.  I have been cooking since I was about 8 years old (I made an apple crumb cake for my parents – don’t remember if it was edible) and I have a lot of opinions about cooking, eating, dining out, etc.

I consider myself a “foodie”, but have a very broad, liberal-minded attitude to what that means.  I like a chili dog as much as haute cuisine.  I think that cooking is about preparing meals that are tasty, healthful, relatively easy-to-prepare and use readily obtainable ingredients.  All of the recipes you will find at “Another Website about Everyday Dining” will satisfy these requirements.  Also, any recipe listed on this site that indicates it is “kid-friendly” will really be so.  Too often I see recipes that are listed as “kid favorites” that have ingredients that are not very popular with the little ones.

Example:  a quick online search came up with a Pineapple Chicken Madeira recipe that says adding pineapple “makes it appealing to kids who might otherwise find it boring.”  Ingredients for this recipe include pineapple, chicken, red bell pepper, green onions and Madeira wine.  On what planet are these considered “kid friendly” ingredients, especially when put together in the same dish?  “Boring” is most certainly not what most young children would say about this recipe – despite how tasty it might be (for an adult), my guess is most kids would call it “gross”.  My kids are pretty adventurous eaters (even when they were much younger), but I would not even consider making this for them …

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